Common Grounds

Become a Client

This year, Common Grounds aims to source and complete five eight-week capacity building consulting projects for Twin Cities organizations.  The projects themselves will run from mid-January through mid-March, with scoping and preparation taking place during the fall.  We have experience assisting clients in evaluating and selecting projects, developing engagement plans, performing cost-benefit analysis, developing marketing plans, and advising on diversity plans.

Starting in September, our project leaders and steering committee will begin identifying and approaching organizations with which we have an interest in working. We also would love to hear from organizations that have an interest in working with us.  There is no formal RFP process this fall, so we encourage any interested organizations to contact us directly at any time at

Client Expectations

For projects to be successful, Common Grounds has the following expectations of our clients:

   1.    Identify one staff member to serve as internal project champion and point of contact
   2.    During the fall, work with the project lead to help scope and prepare the project
   3.    Maintain communication with the Common Grounds team throughout the project
   4.    Provide team with support and resources as needed during the project
   5.    Meet with the team to review the final deliverable and conclude the project

"The Common Grounds experience was very affirming for our organization. They made somevery specific observations and recommendations that were new and thought-provoking. Above all, Common Grounds forced us to start thinking more strategically earlier than we might have otherwise, about a question that's central to our development as an organization and to the integrity of our mission."

- Mary Pawlenty, Director of Medical Diplomacy for Children's Heartlink